What are the ingredients in the Wholesome Waffles?

  • Full ingredients of our Wholesome Waffle are listed here, and does not contain common allergens such as dairy, nuts and soy. However, our waffles are made in a facility that may process food items that contain wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, and soy.

Are the Wholesome Waffles gluten free?

  • We use whole grain gluten free oat flour in our waffles.  However, because they are made in a facility that processes wheat, we cannot claim that our product is 100% certified gluten free.

Where are the Wholesome Waffles made?

  • They are made in a Metro Vancouver commissary kitchen and cooking facility approved by the Fraser Health Authority.

Where can I buy the Wholesome Waffles?

  • Waffles are currently available online and we can deliver them to a residential or commercial address. The delivering address can be different from the billing address.
  • Also available at two locally owned grocery stores: West Wood Organics in Kerrisdale and Larry’s Market in North Shore! 
  • If you like to us to be in any stores, let the stores know on their IG and tag us! 

     How do I heat up my Wholesome Waffles?

    • For best results, place frozen waffle in a toaster oven. Set on toaster setting (or 375F)  for 3-4 minutes. For regular toaster, place frozen waffle in toaster and toast 3-5 minutes. Both options will vary depending on heating capabilities and your desired crispiness. Please toast with caution and never put a fork/knife into toasters and unplug the machine for safety, as needed.