Our Story

Thank You for dropping by! 

We truly appreciate you visiting our site and getting to know us! We are locally based in Vancouver, BC and specialize in frozen, ready to heat up and eat, nutritious gluten free waffles! As a busy mom of two who enjoys being active and needs quality foods to sustain my energy and the kids as well, I wanted to create food that is both yummy & has nutritious benefits from fruits and veggies! Our belief is in real foods as our body needs quality ingredients and especially in the long run, after all we only got one! This has led us to a journey of creating waffles that uses real food and being very unique because we use fruits and vegetables as one of the main ingredients. Unlike other brands, we do not use use any refined sugar or butter and nothing artificial, including not using fruit juice concentrates to sweeten our waffles. Created to make it easy for you to heat up in minutes and ready to eat and leave more time spent with loved ones. The waffles come frozen to retain its nutritional value and because of all the vitamins and antioxidants, our waffles are created to be your everyday go-to for breakfast or snack. 

Our philosophy is to positively touch and nourish lives with real, nutritious, and wholesome ingredients without compromising taste.

With Gratitude,

Wendy 💕